Entertainment and digital

Specialized services in intellectual property and audiovisual law

We provide advice and representation to content creators, including developers, producers, distributors, studios, digital companies and start-ups. We also collaborate with banks and investment funds dedicated to the financing of cultural products. We participate in working groups for the drafting of texts and legislative amendments in the sector.

Our experience covers all areas of the audiovisual business, from development and production to the structuring of financing sources, as well as licensing with channels and platforms for feature films, short films, series, fiction and documentaries, both animated and live-action.

We have in-depth knowledge of the entertainment industries both in Europe and abroad, and advise on international co-production and co-financing deals.

  • Our services include advice in the negotiation, drafting and review of contracts for the assignment of intellectual property rights related to intangible assets in various areas, such as publishing, audiovisual, music, digital, among others.
  • We also provide advice on the use of intellectual property in productions of all kinds. In addition, we provide specific advice on the use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology in relation to intellectual property.
  • We offer business creation services for the development of productions and co-productions, both nationally and internationally, with a global perspective that takes into account all legal, fiscal, financial and operational aspects of the production. We focus on enhancing access to financing.
  • We provide specialized tax advice on tax incentives for national and international audiovisual productions. We also handle the acquisition of rights and the negotiation, drafting and review of national and international production and co-production contracts.
  • In terms of contracting, we offer contract drafting and review services with authors, artistic team, technical team, channels and platforms, national and international distributors, sales agents, suppliers and licenses for the use of pre-existing material. We also take care of the authorizations for the use of the image of third parties, the clearance of the script and the clearance of the finished project, including the viewing of the work.
  • We offer specialized advice for the use of artificial intelligence in the audiovisual sector, taking into account intellectual property laws, data protection, consumer protection and market competition.
  • In addition, we provide expert advice for the use of Blockchain technology in the creation of smart, digital and automated contracts in the audiovisual field.
Entretenimiento y digital

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