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At Asesores y Auditores in Madrid we also offer auditing services, with a highly qualified team with expertise in multiplesectors. We have experience in the application of international standards and are accredited by the PCAOB for the audit of listed companies in the United States. In addition, we advise on transaction processes, such as mergers, acquisitions and restructurings, from a legal, commercial and financial perspective. On the other hand, we are aware of the importance of a correct tax planning to minimize, within the law, the tax burden for the development of your business, and the protection of your family assetsWe offer the right tax advice to help you to achieve your tax goals. limiting the risk of penalties, promoting potential tax benefits, and keeping you up to date on new tax regulations.and, as a last resort, help to face requirements and inspections. In addition, UHY has extensive experience in both national and international taxation, whether for business or family wealth management.

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