Audit & Assurance

At UHY Fay & Co we offer external audit services with the dual objective of complying with existing regulatory and statutory requirements and helping companies to achieve their objectives, control risks, improve their profitability, thereby increasing the confidence of potential investors and ensuring the optimal functioning of the company.

In addition, the audit allows us to identify opportunities for improvement in accounting and financial management, prevent possible errors or fraud and ensure the transparency and reliability of your company’s financial information.

Our team of expert auditors works to ensure that your company complies with legal requirements and obtains a complete and up-to-date understanding of your business through our audit services of annual accounts and other financial statements. We work hard to ensure that our audit processes are rigorous and meet the highest quality standards.

We offer audit and assurance services to the public sector, where we have extensive experience. Our approach is based on the application of advanced techniques of analysis, research, observation and processing of large amounts of data, which allows us to offer a comprehensive audit service.

Beyond compliance with rules and regulations, our goal is to add value in all phases of the audit, from planning to execution and conclusions, and in all areas of performance.

We can perform audits and specialized examinations in legal, commercial and contractual matters. Thanks to our expert auditors, we can provide you with accurate analysis and opinions that will help you in your decision making.

Due Diligence is a complex and delicate process, during which your company must be audited by an experienced and trained external auditor to determine and evaluate the economic, legal and financial situation of the company in the process of purchase or sale. We ensure that the report focuses on key issues and opportunities:

  • External audit of current commercial and financial conditions
  • External audit of financial forecasts
  • External audit of commercial and financial strategy
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Administration and systems
  • Insurance coverage

Statutory auditors act as experts in fraud and other criminal matters and seek a fair and clear view for all parties. The external auditor performing the expert report shall always maintain an objective and neutral position and shall provide all the necessary documentation to support its own analysis.

Contact our team of audit experts when you notice the first signs of a potential crisis. We will conduct a thorough analysis of the situation and develop an action plan to stabilize the company, improving its financial position and profitability. This investment in external auditing can be the difference between the success and failure of a company.

Boards, customers, suppliers and public administrations are demanding more information from companies on non-financial matters and a higher degree of reliability of this information. Assurance services enable organizations to mitigate risk and build confidence among various stakeholders through the publication of independent third-party reports or findings.

Auditors are qualified and experienced persons, in our case external to the company, appointed by the competent authority to review, examine and evaluate the results of the company’s administrative and financial management. To practice, auditors must obtain the necessary certificates and be registered in the ROAC (Register of Official Auditors).

The external audit is conducted in accordance with standardized norms established by IFAC (International Federation of Accountants), a global organization whose purpose is to serve the public interest by strengthening the profession and promoting the development of internationally applicable standards.

Audit & Assurance

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