Legal Counseling

In our firm, we have a team of lawyers specialized in different areas of law. We seek to provide highly specialized legal advice to defend the interests and objectives of our clients, both in their personal and business life.

Our clients appreciate working with our team of lawyers because we offer them a personalized and close service, as well as high quality legal advice with high ethical standards and rigor in our work.

We provide a legal advisory service specialized in administrative law covering various areas, with a team of highly experienced professionals specialized in:

  • Public Procurement
  • Pharmaceutical services (Pharma services)
  • Administrative procedures
  • Urban planning and real estate
  • Environment
  • Public bidding
  • Civil service.

We cover the different areas that make up civil law thanks to our specialized professionals:


  • Legal advisory services and preparation of documents and files related to matters such as nationality, guardianship, declaration of absence and death, etc.
  • Marriage contracts, separations, divorces and annulments.
  • Issues of filiation, adoption and paternal-filial relations. Research and advice on inheritance, wills or divisions.
  • Legal advice and preparation of projects, research and documents related to civil partnerships.


  • Legal advice and drafting of documents related to the leasing of real estate in its various modalities in accordance with the provisions of the civil law or special law for urban and rural village leasing contracts.


  • Legal advice on all types of activities and contracts to be registered in the Land Registry: declarations of new construction, exchange and transfer of real estate, immatriculations, acquisitions, divisions of Horizontal Property, groupings, segregations.
  • Documents and research related to the promotion of buildings, urbanization and real estate in general. Constitution, modification and extinction of rights in rem.


  • Drafting and interpretation of contracts or contractual claims.


  • Bank claims, misleading advertising, revolving credit and credit card claims, guarantees, insurance claims, abusive clauses, floor, irph.


  • Extrajudicial and judicial claims.


  • Extrajudicial and judicial petitions, claims for damages, traffic accidents…

We offer professional services specialized in tax advice, which is one of our main areas of expertise. We provide national and international tax advice to Spanish and foreign companies, individuals and multinational groups.

We have a team of highly qualified lawyers who can provide quality advice to meet your company’s needs both in Spain and around the world. To achieve this, we use appropriate tools and work together with our partners in the international UHY network, forming international multidisciplinary teams that allow us to offer a global, practical and useful vision to our clients. In short, we are prepared to provide high quality and personalized tax advisory services.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive service that applies to all types of real estate transactions. We have a multidisciplinary team highly qualified in each of the legal disciplines necessary to carry out these operations, such as purchase and sale, leasing, real estate financing, and development and construction contracts.

Our team of lawyers specializes in labor law and offers a comprehensive approach to resolve all issues related to the daily operations of companies.

We have highly qualified labor lawyers with extensive experience in the optimization of labor management. Our team is always attentive to changes in labor legislation in order to provide efficient solutions to our clients’ doubts and questions.

We offer advice in various areas, including labor contracting, human resources, collective bargaining and labor relations, corporate reorganizations and productive decentralization, arbitration and litigation, administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings, social security and pension systems, as well as expatriation and impatriation.

Our Commercial Law Department has a team of lawyers highly specialized in providing commercial advice to national and international companies.

Thanks to our affiliation to the international UHY network, we can count on offices in more than 100 countries, which allows us to offer comprehensive and specialized solutions in an international environment, considering all areas of business practice and different jurisdictions.

Our objective is to provide our clients with quality global advice, guaranteeing an efficient and adequate response to their needs. In short, we are prepared to offer quality and responsive business advisory services, with a global vision and considering the particularities of each jurisdiction.

We have a wide specialization and vast experience in the defense of the interests of individuals and legal entities.

In terms of prevention, we anticipate conflicts that may arise in situations of change, such as the purchase and sale of homes, moving to another country, changes in the family structure, incorporation of companies, new projects or businesses, to minimize the risks of legal problems in the future.

With regard to negotiation and mediation, we have extensive experience in conflict resolution and always try to avoid going to trial, as far as possible.

In the event that litigation could not be avoided, we act in arbitration proceedings, in litigation before courts of law and in the main national and international courts. In short, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and effective service in the resolution of legal disputes.

Asesoramiento Jurídico

Why choose us?

  • Multidisciplinary service.
  • Highly specialized team.
  • Local knowledge and global capability.
  • Commitment to transparency, integrity and honesty.
  • Personalized and close service.
  • Focused on their objectives.
  • Enrolled in the PCAOB.
  • Members of the Forum of Firms.

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